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Cikondang Waterfall

Location : Cianjur Regencies

Cikondang waterfall known as the Niagara mini. Located not far from the site of Mount Padang. But do not think the meaning Kondang in... Read more
Karang Song Beach ( Mangrove )

Location : Indramayu Regencies

Karang Song is located in north song Indramayu City in the District Indramayu Indramayu district Karang song. This beach is famous for its beach... Read more
Batu Dua Paragliding

Location : Sumedang Regencies

Batu Dua is one of the hillsides in the area of Mount Lingga, Cimarga Village, Cisitu District, Sumedang Regency. As the best location in... Read more
Cisanti Lake

Location : Bandung Regencies

Very much a choice of alternative natural tourist destinations in London. Start of outbound tourism, Geotourism (Earth tour) to artificial tourist deliberately created by... Read more
"Grand Canyon Mini" (waterfall Ciomas)

Location : Karawang Regencies

The geographical position of "Grand Canyon Mini" is in two districts, namely Kab. Bogor and Kab. Falkirk. Precisely, in the village of Sari Medal... Read more