Welcome<br/><br/><br/><br/>West Java Province is geographically located between 5º50\'- 7º50 \'south latitude and 104º 48\'- 108 º 48\' East Longitude, with a land area of 3,710,061.32 hectares. West Java community is known as a religious community, with a wealth of cultural heritage and noble values of traditional, as well as having social behavior that berfalsafah on penance compassion, penance grindstones, reparation parenting, which literally means love for one another, exchanging knowledge and mutual caring among citizens.<br/><br/><br/><br/>Come and enjoy the natural beauty of West Java!

Develop Garut Travel and Papandayan Volcanic Talaga Bodas
16-01-2017 Disparbud 56 viewed

Government of Garut district, West Java, to develop a tourist attraction volcanic Talaga Bodas and Papandayan which have different tourist destinations than other regions. Read more
Thousands stepped Ledder Batu Between Wilderness Towards Curug Cibeureum
16-01-2017 Disparbud 62 viewed

Some Visitors look surprised when a monkey or ape hung in a tree and observe their movements. A visitor took the initiative to hang food in between shrubs not far from the big tree where the black monkeys sit back. Read more
Bodyrafting Citumang Pangandaran Bikin River Rise High Adrenalin
16-01-2017 Disparbud 59 viewed

Citumang river, which is becoming a new tourist area "bodyrafting", is a great river surrounded by natural forest in Bojong village, District Parigi district, Pangandaran, West Java. Read more
Mattress Mountain site in Cianjur, so Highlights Travelers
16-01-2017 Disparbud 76 viewed

Visit travelers to sites of Mount mattress in the Village Gadog, District Pacet, Cianjur, West Java, continued to rise, although the site has not been officially used as a tourist destination in the region. Read more
The roads to the Art Park in Bandung Yuk!
12-01-2017 Disparbud 388 viewed

NuArt Sculpture Park is located at Jl Setraduta Raya No. L 6, Bandung, precisely in Setra Duta residential area which is famous for a giant hand sculpture. From Pasteur, just a 10-15 minute drive to this location. Nu Art is a gallery at the same park with fresh air, quiet atmosphere, and there are many works of famous artists, one of which belongs to the owner, Nyoman Nuarta. He is an artist, ITB alumni, and became an art professor. Read more
Breathe of Fresh Air And Exploring Goa Japan and the Netherlands in Tahura Juanda
12-01-2017 Disparbud 342 viewed

It does not seem an exaggeration to say air pollution Bandung increased from time to time. Bandung with all its charm is able to invite people outside come to Bandung Bandung good to study, work, or just travel. Increasing population living in Bandung and the vehicles they carry certainly contributes to air pollution in Bandung. Read more