West Java is a province of Indonesia. Its capital is located in the city of Bandung. History shows that the development of West Java Province is the first province in Indonesia formed (Gazette No. 378).

West Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia which has a beautiful nature and scenery for your visit. West Java has a diverse attractions, both natural attractions, arts and culture and history. West Java also has a variety of culinary treats that should be tasted. Starting from a wide variety of foods that are sold on the roadside until a fancy meal at a fancy restaurant or cafe.

West Java is the right location for you to conduct various types of tours, be it natural attractions, shopping and recreation, culinary, or cultural. With its diverse attractions, West Java ready to spoil anyone interested to come visit to West Java.

Watch the carrion flowers bloom
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Collection in the KRC-LIPI flora are increasing with the growth of Amorphophallus titanum aka corpse flower. 2011 years ago, the flower was in full bloom. As per cycle, the interest grows every four years. If the counting time, the corpse flower could grow back in 2015. Read more
Klana Mask Dance Exhibition Open Day of Cooperatives
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CIREBON - Dance mask klana be opening degree Featured Products Cooperative and SMEs at Level Cooperative Day in West Java Prosecutor's Square, Friday (07/18/2014) afternoon. Read more
When The Artist Garut Ngabuburit
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Garut - There are a variety of ways and behavior of Muslims in Garut ngabuburit or spend time waiting till maghrib azan time.
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West Bandung Add a New Travel Destinations
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NGAMPRAH - West Bandung regency plans to add five new tourist destinations to boost tourist traffic coming into the West Bandung regency.
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Fun at the Museum Ngabuburit Sri Baduga
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Bandung - Many alternative ways to fill in the time waiting for maghrib call to prayer rang out. One alternative ngabuburit filled with visiting the science museum. Read more
Assa'da Mosque Spiritual in Subang
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For those of you who want ngebuburit while seclusion, plus enjoy the ocean air with beautiful scenery, tourist sites Assa'adah Masjid Subang Valley Sarimas Ciater could be an option worth considering. Read more