Bandung, West Java capital which is located approximately 180 km from Jakarta, is well known for its leafy streets and has a strong influence on fashion and art so that Bandung is also dubbed as the 'Paris van Java ". Located at an altitude of 768 meters, Bandung has a cool climate all year round and is very comfortable to visit.

Come and enjoy the natural beauty of West Java!

Government Encourages Innovation and Creative Marionette Puppet Abah Asep Patented
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The government through the Institute for Preservation of Cultural Values ??(BPNB) Bandung provides an opportunity for families Asep Sunandar Sunarya to patent innovations and kerasi Asep in the art of puppet show. Read more
Make Borondong Too Can Be Tourism Potential
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To identify the tourism potential, the Department of Youth, Sport and Tourism District. Holding Bandung Bandung Institute of Technology. So that it can be managed and packaged in order to lure tourists.
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Wish Eagle Conservation Center Thus Scientific Tourism
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Garut - Existence Eagle Conservation Center (Raptor Sanctuary) in the mountainous region Kamojang, Kampung Desa Legok Pulus Sukakarya Samarang Sub reassuring increasing population of endangered species of eagles are now increasingly threatened. Read more
This He 10 Beaches in West Java Decent Visited
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Where will you spend this holiday weekend? Do not far away, in West Java are still many beautiful places to spend your vacation.
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Sunya sound Invite Viewers Self introspection
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Saturday night (03/28/2015) Central Management of West Java Cultural Park snei again held in the open air theater performances. "Beep Sunya" Lawe leadership of Bogor Regency Samagaha orders yet that night. Read more
Student Spearheads Art Conservation Tradition
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Bogor - Mother is a tradition that should not be forgotten. Moreover, the mother tongue is now covered by Regulation No. 15/2014 on special language mother tongue. Read more