Welcome<br/><br/><br/><br/>West Java Province is geographically located between 5º50\'- 7º50 \'south latitude and 104º 48\'- 108 º 48\' East Longitude, with a land area of 3,710,061.32 hectares. West Java community is known as a religious community, with a wealth of cultural heritage and noble values of traditional, as well as having social behavior that berfalsafah on penance compassion, penance grindstones, reparation parenting, which literally means love for one another, exchanging knowledge and mutual caring among citizens.<br/><br/><br/><br/>Come and enjoy the natural beauty of West Java!

Aher Wins Museum Care Officer Award
16-10-2017 Disparbud 33 viewed

BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan won an award at the Indonesia Museum Awards 2017 as Museum Care Officer. The annual awards ceremony is organized by the Roaming Community that gives appreciation to museum managers and museum figures in the country. Read more
110 Surfer Hadir Di Amazing Geopark Adventure Tourism
16-10-2017 humas 40 viewed

Amazing Geopark Adventure Tourism 2017 dibuka secara resmi oleh Menteri Pariwisata Arief Yahya di Pantai Cimaja Palabuhanratu, Kab. Sukabumi, didampingi Wakil Gubernur Jawa Barat Dedy Mizwar dan Kepala Dinas Pariwisata dan Kebudayaan Jawa Barat Ida Hernida SH M. Si,, Sabtu 14 Oktober 2017. Read more
Cool Water Waterfall Cimedang So Tourist Attraction
13-10-2017 Disparbud 87 viewed

West Java region with mountain topography indeed presents the potential of nature tourism is beautiful. The combination of curug natural attractions are known to be the main attraction for areas with typical mountains. One of them is Curug Cimedang in Kampung Malaganti, Raharja Village, Sariwangi District, Tasikmalaya, West Java. Read more
There are Two New Heritage Preserves in Bekasi
13-10-2017 Disparbud 88 viewed

CIKARANG, (PR) .- The Government of Bekasi Regency plans to propose two new sites into national cultural heritage. Both will complement six other cultural heritages that were first recognized through the Ministry of Education and Culture. Read more
Parigi Bantargebang Waterfall is in a tourist destination
11-10-2017 Disparbud 125 viewed

Parigi Waterfall in Bantargebang area is considered as a tourist place to create local economy. Currently, the region is scheduled to begin in 2018. Read more
Want to Feel the Chinese Atmosphere, Just Go to Klenteng Street
11-10-2017 Disparbud 113 viewed

Around Klenteng Street which connects with Cibadak Street Kota Bandung, there are tourist destinations which recently became a favorite tourist destination. This tourist attraction is Chinatown. Read more