Bandung, West Java capital which is located approximately 180 km from Jakarta, is well known for its leafy streets and has a strong influence on fashion and art so that Bandung is also dubbed as the Paris van Java . Located at an altitude of 768 meters, Bandung has a cool climate all year round and is very comfortable to visit.

Come and enjoy the natural beauty of West Java!

A number of attractions in Garut Ready to Pamper the travelers
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Various attractions in Garut, ready to pamper travelers who crossed the southbound lanes Jabar season Hari Raya Idul Fitri homecoming. Read more
BPS: Number of Foreign Tourists in May 2016 Sets Record
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Number of foreign tourists (tourists) in May 2016 breaking records or reach 915.2 thousand people registered the highest monthly traffic figures throughout history.
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This place is legendary in Subang Ngabuburit
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FROM a number of places in the city center of Subang Regency commonly used as a "ngabuburit", an open area in front of the courtyard of the guesthouse building work is still the most popular gathering place for residents. In addition the building has historical value, it turns out many of the residents hereditary ngabuburit there, so it has special memories. Read more
This is the sixth point Geopark Ciletuh Mandatory Explored
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SUKABUMI, (PR) .- The Geopark Ciletuh ever seminar in the Assembly Hall, Building Seven Charm, Kemenpar alongside ITB alumni community in 1981. Many of the seminar participants were enthusiastic with Ciletuh, a potential geopark which is the fault of the results of the movement of tectonic plates. Read more
Ngabuburit in Bandung Square Accompanied Kacapi Flute
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The performance that was initiated by the Department of culture and tourism (Disbudpar) Bandung in cooperation with M-Production-studio showing grim Sundanese art interchangeably. The event is intended to attract the attention of tourists, both domestic and foreign, in addition to reintroduce traditional Sundanese arts and culture.
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The provincial government of West Java Continues Push To be recognized Unesco Geopark Ciletuh
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West Java provincial government plans to expand the area of ??geopark Ciletuh into 8 districts. With hope, be recognized Unesco geopark Ciletuh become an international geopark and become Unesco Global Geopark Ciletuh pelabuan Queen.
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