Bandung, West Java capital which is located approximately 180 km from Jakarta, is well known for its leafy streets and has a strong influence on fashion and art so that Bandung is also dubbed as the 'Paris van Java ". Located at an altitude of 768 meters, Bandung has a cool climate all year round and is very comfortable to visit.

Come and enjoy the natural beauty of West Java!

Gugum'll Show Recent work in performances Semi Colossal "Starling Ngejat"
21-05-2015 Disparbud 59 viewed

BANDUNG, (PRLM) .- Marking 30 years of existence Jugala Group held a mini colossal dance titled "starling Ngejat". In addition to featuring three dance works of the Maestro Jaipong Ayar Gugum Gumbira Tirasondjaja, pegelaran housed in Sunda Jalan Mayang Art Padepokan BKR (South Rim) Bandung, Friday (05/22/2015) night will feature dance Jaipong other monumental.
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Tradition Open Stage Welcomed Enthusiastically Residents
21-05-2015 Disparbud 38 viewed

BANDUNG, (PRLM) .- Society Kampung Jati welcomed enthusiastically tradition Open Stage, Art Padepokan Tibelat held in Kapung Teak, Ex. Pasirbiru, district. Cibiru Bandung, last Saturday. Various traditional arts attractions reak kuda lumping able to create a sense of wonder and entertain. Read more
Cireng, cilok, Cimol, Mushroom krispi Snacks Typical Bandung
18-05-2015 Disparbud 98 viewed

Who does not like snack? Ranging from small children to adults will like snack. Shape and taste snacks were varied and sometimes made of such materials and unique name so interesting.
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Culinary Sundanese favored in Makassar
18-05-2015 Disparbud 96 viewed

Culinary Sundanese nowadays more popular with the public Makassar South Sulawesi. Of the many culinary cultivated citizens of West Java, there are the four most desirable that Karedok, batagor, chicken porridge and Kupat know.
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Jaipong Mask Rehe Welcomed Enthusiastically in Makassar Sundanese Festival
18-05-2015 Disparbud 92 viewed

That night at around 22:30 pm, but the dance Jaipong Rehe mask displayed 5 beautiful dancer from the city of Bandung assisted the Department of Culture and Tourism (Disbudpar) Bandung in Makassar Sundanesse Festival # 2 in field Hasanuddin, Saturday (16/5 / 20`5) night, able to attract the attention of the citizens of Makassar were present at the festival. Read more
Long holidays, attractions in South Bandung Crowded
18-05-2015 Disparbud 97 viewed

Soreang, (PRLM) .- A number of attractions in Bandung district south crowded during the long holiday weekend. Among them, the attraction White crater and hot spring baths Ciwalini in District Rancabali, Bandung regency.
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