Bandung, West Java capital which is located approximately 180 km from Jakarta, is well known for its leafy streets and has a strong influence on fashion and art so that Bandung is also dubbed as the Paris van Java . Located at an altitude of 768 meters, Bandung has a cool climate all year round and is very comfortable to visit.

Come and enjoy the natural beauty of West Java!

Team Show Angklung Angklung Pasundan Circle in Seven Countries
25-07-2016 Disparbud 112 viewed

The team of students from the Society Pasundan, West Java, Saturday (23/07/2016), departed from Bandung to perform angklung in seven European countries.
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Sendra Kaulinan Urang Overtime Efforts Remembering Childhood
22-07-2016 Disparbud 179 viewed

A total of 15 districts in West Java tries his best in

"Festival of Traditional Games" or Sendra Kaulinan Urang Overtime in West Java Cultural Park Management, Thursday - Saturday (21 / -23 / 7). Read more
A total of 300 of the Six Young Artists Enliven Province Gelaran DSP
22-07-2016 Disparbud 196 viewed

No less than 300 young artists from six provinces will showcase traditional art respectively in Art Student Ambassadors (DSP) 2016 Indonesian Arts Institute (ISBI) Bandung. The artists are students high school / vocational (SMA / K) and junior (SMP) which has got penggojlokan and knowledge tentng traditional arts. Read more
Traditional Games Festival at Taman Budaya
21-07-2016 Disparbud 278 viewed

Central Management of West Java Cultural Park will be the title of "Festival of Traditional Games" (Festival Sendra Kaulinan Urang Overtime) in 2016, from Thursday - Saturday (21-23 / 7/2016) at the outdoor theater.
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Vice Governor: Competition for World class Destinations So Fierce
21-07-2016 Disparbud 227 viewed

Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar appreciate the steps the Department of Tourism and Culture Jabar Jabar who wants to make a cultural center and a world-class destination. However further Deddy, what do Disparbud Jabar is not easy and does not own. Read more
Wow Awesome, Wonderful Indonesia Sambar Two Award
20-07-2016 Disparbud 204 viewed

Wonderful Indonesia again successfully bring the two awards of Travel Tourism Exhibition in Sydney, Australia. This victory is more complete after previous Wonderful Indonesia also grabbed the award The Most Beautiful Diving Destination in Taiwan. Two awards in Sydney was comprised of the category "Best Innovative Stand" and "10 sqm and Over."
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