West Java is a province of Indonesia. Its capital is located in the city of Bandung. History shows that the development of West Java Province is the first province in Indonesia formed (Gazette No. 378).

West Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia which has a beautiful nature and scenery for your visit. West Java has a diverse attractions, both natural attractions, arts and culture and history. West Java also has a variety of culinary treats that should be tasted. Starting from a wide variety of foods that are sold on the roadside until a fancy meal at a fancy restaurant or cafe.

West Java is the right location for you to conduct various types of tours, be it natural attractions, shopping and recreation, culinary, or cultural. With its diverse attractions, West Java ready to spoil anyone interested to come visit to West Java.

Local Language As Cultural Heritage
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In an effort to preserve the language and literature area, West Java Provincial Government through the Cultural Affairs Department of Tourism and Culture of West Java, held a Regional Speak Poetry Writing Contest with the theme "Environment, Social and Tourism", which followed 189 participants, which is representative of the 27 districts / town in West Java, age 15 s / d 22 years. Speak Poetry Competition Regional Winners announced officially in Jabar Disparbud Office, Jl. RE. Martadinata 209 City of London, Thursday, September 18, 2014.
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Can Support Udjo Saung Mang-Bandung Indonesia and Australian Residents Main Break Record Angklung
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ADELAIDE (PRLM) Thousands .- angklung sound reverberated in the arena of the Royal Adelaide Show 2014 on Saturday (13/09/2014) night, to thrill the people of Australia and Indonesia are listening. Australian and Indonesian community in Adelaide, Australia managed to break the world record for the largest angklung ensemble ("largest angklung ensemble"). Read more
This is the winner of "The Gift of Culture 2014"
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BANDUNG (PRLM) .- For the ninth time the city government gives the 2014 Cultural Award and the cultural institutions that faithfully devote his attention to art and culture. Humanist and Culture Award 2014 recipient agencies are Adang S (Literature), Chaidar Alwasilah (Thinkers Culture), Dibyo Hartono (Heritage), Dwiki Darmawan (Music), Ida Widawati (Karawitan), Iman Salah (Theatre), Sunaryo (Fine Arts), Yetty Mamat (Dance), Mohammad Zaini Alief (Traditional Games), Padjadjaran University Student Choir (Based Institutions Sunda), Sports Art Studio "Babakan Siliwangi" (Fine Arts), and Foundations Turn the power off Sunda (Sundanese Based Institutions). Read more
Prepare concept Pangandaran West Coast Attractions
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PARIGI, (PRLM) .- Pangandaran District Government has prepared and has a structuring concept for the location of Pangandaran attractions the West Coast, in the District of Pangandaran. Later, place the travelers pimadona will be neat and orderly.
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Gebyar Sapta Pesona 3rd Held in Pangandaran
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Jabar Disparbud will implement Gebyar Sapta Pesona 3rd, at Pangandaran Beach in the near future. Previously, Providing Gebyar Sapta Pesona-1 to be held in the city of Cirebon and the 2nd in Walini Ciwidey district. Bandung. Read more