West Java is a province of Indonesia. Its capital is located in the city of Bandung. History shows that the development of West Java Province is the first province in Indonesia formed (Gazette No. 378).

West Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia which has a beautiful nature and scenery for your visit. West Java has a diverse attractions, both natural attractions, arts and culture and history. West Java also has a variety of culinary treats that should be tasted. Starting from a wide variety of foods that are sold on the roadside until a fancy meal at a fancy restaurant or cafe.

West Java is the right location for you to conduct various types of tours, be it natural attractions, shopping and recreation, culinary, or cultural. With its diverse attractions, West Java ready to spoil anyone interested to come visit to West Java.

Cirebon degree Pesisiran Festival
01-09-2014 Disparbud 106 viewed

CIREBON - Cirebon City Government through the Department of Tourism Culture Youth and Sports held a coastal festival events begin August 29-September 1, 2014 with a variety of series of events.
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Ready to Enter the Tourism Sector High Growth
01-09-2014 Disparbud 152 viewed

The tourism sector is ready to enter high growth. When in the last five years on average to reach 8% per year, the next five years will increase by 12% -14% per year. Read more
Jabar-Turkey Strengthen Cooperation in Tourism
28-08-2014 Disparbud 174 viewed

BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government strengthen tourism cooperation with Turkey through Turkiesh Association of Travel Agencies (Tursab). At a dinner with the Governor of West Java in the Sate Tursab delegates on Wednesday night (27/8). Read more
Discuss Art Center, Regency / City-Priangan Gather in Garut
28-08-2014 Disparbud 182 viewed

GARUT - To discuss development plans arts center, a number of representatives of local governments and municipalities in Priangan region held a meeting at the Office of Government Coordination and Development Agency (BKPP) Region IV, Ahmad Yani street number 21 Garut, Wednesday (08/27/2014).
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Governor Inaugurates Government Implementation POR. 10th
26-08-2014 Disparbud 592 viewed

Bandung-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan officially opening the PORPEMPROV. Jabar Top-10 2014, Tuesday (26/8) to release a series of balloons into the air, at the front of Gedung Sate Bandung Page. Also accompanying inaugurated governor, vice governor and Secretary Deddy Mizwar Prov. Jabar. Read more
Want Jabar degree 3 Cultural Festival International Scale, Everywhere?
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BANDUNG - West Java Deputy Governor Deddy Mizwar intends to hold an international cultural festival in West Java.
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