Bandung, West Java capital which is located approximately 180 km from Jakarta, is well known for its leafy streets and has a strong influence on fashion and art so that Bandung is also dubbed as the 'Paris van Java ". Located at an altitude of 768 meters, Bandung has a cool climate all year round and is very comfortable to visit.

Come and enjoy the natural beauty of West Java!

Tourism Growth Above Target
27-11-2014 Disparbud 182 viewed

Jakarta, November 4, 2014 to September 2014 Despite this growth in the tourism sector was slightly weaker (slow down) which is equal to 2.65%, but cumulatively in January-September 2014 remained high at 8.31% or above the target of 7 , 93%.
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Disparbud Regency of Kuningan Traditional Arts Science Degree Inheritance
26-11-2014 Disparbud 161 viewed

KUNINGAN, (PRLM) .- A number of artists and arts group members and students of traditional art lovers to follow specific training to become the next generation of artists kepesindenan or interpreter kawih, musical instrument players fiddle, trumpet, and goong jointly and severally. Read more
Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar Ask Pangandaran Highlight Unique Destinations
25-11-2014 Disparbud 223 viewed

BANDUNG - Pangandaran is one of the attractive tourist destinations in West Java. However, many people are not aware of the uniqueness of Pangandaran itself. To that end, Pangandaran must have a unique destination or sexy, so the more attractive the tourists to visit the youngest district in West Java. Read more
Disbudparpora Will Make Attractions in Reservoir Inundation Jatigede
25-11-2014 Disparbud 210 viewed

SUMEDANG, (PRLM) .- The Department of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports (Disbudparpora) District. Sumedang, will build on the maritime tourist Jatigede reservoir inundation. The maritime travel, all tourist activities focused on water in the middle of the reservoir inundation. Read more
Outbound Jajaka fathers in Cianjur
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Head of Tourism and Culture of West Java Drs. Nunung Sobari MM release 54 fathers Jajaka West Java, which is representative of the 27 districts / cities in West Java, West Java Disparbud office Jl. RE. Inhale No. 209 Bandung. 54th Jajaka fathers, will follow outbound from 24 to 27 November 2014 at The John District. Cianjur. Read more
Held, the People's Party Mandalajati
24-11-2014 Disparbud 269 viewed

BANDUNG, (PRLM) .- Traditional art has a substantial contribution to the development of Bandung as the City of Arts and Culture. But the long journey traditional art along with the birth of Bandung as a destination city brothels in the Dutch colonial era, still has not got a place.
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