West Java is a province of Indonesia. Its capital is located in the city of Bandung. History shows that the development of West Java Province is the first province in Indonesia formed (Gazette No. 378).

West Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia which has a beautiful nature and scenery for your visit. West Java has a diverse attractions, both natural attractions, arts and culture and history. West Java also has a variety of culinary treats that should be tasted. Starting from a wide variety of foods that are sold on the roadside until a fancy meal at a fancy restaurant or cafe.

West Java is the right location for you to conduct various types of tours, be it natural attractions, shopping and recreation, culinary, or cultural. With its diverse attractions, West Java ready to spoil anyone interested to come visit to West Java.

Performing Bamboo Music Revolution
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BANDUNG - Directorate General of Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry of Arts and Culture -Based Tourism and Creative Economy with Central Management West Java Cultural Park held " Bamboo Music Revolution " . Pegelaran art music Activation Program Development Creative Cultural Park Space 2014 featuring 25 musicians . Read more
Bojong waterfall , Niagara Small Version in Pangandaran
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PARIGI - There's a new attraction in Pangandaran district today . Many people call the venue is a small version of the Falls .
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Cave Pawon , Exotic Charm Ancient Caves
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One part of the cave excavation was conducted Saturday and Sunday , 1-2 March 2014 get metatarsus toe . Estimated to have been around 9,500 years ago . Previous albino London have discovered ancient human skeleton in 2003 and excavated in 2009 . Read more
4 Malabar Elementary School , Heritage School Bosscha
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Bandung - 4 Pangalengan Malabar Elementary School was founded in 1983 ago . But it turns out the school 's history that spans 100 years earlier . Founded by Bosscha .
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Lawang Sinjang cave in Pangandaran More Exotic Green Canyon
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NOT many people know the location of the Cave Sinjang Parinengan Lawang Hamlet , Village Jadimulya , District Langkap Current , District Pangandaran . This cave has a length of 500 meters with Cijulang bypassed by the flow of the river . This cave has a width of approximately 65 meters with a height of 60 meters . Read more
So Rancabuaya Development Center Attraction
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Geographical conditions as well as its strategic location through lane highway south of West Java , and the tremendous potential to make aiming Garut regency District of Caringin Rancabuaya Coast region developed as a center for pioneering the development of a tourist destination object ( ODTW ) in the southern area of ??Garut .
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