Crater Kamojang Still Hunted Travelers

Kamojang crater, became an icon of natural attractions that exist in the area of ??Kampung Kamojang, Laksana Village, District Ibun, Bandung regency. Each entered the national holidays, such as Eid holiday, tourists who visit locations Kamojang crater formed through natural processes that can reach thousands of people during the holiday within a few days. Read more
World Peace Gong Still so Ciung Wanara Travel Icons

World Peace Gong in natural tourist sites Ciung Wanara Galuh Pakuan Padjadjaran Ciamis still become an icon of the tourists, Monday (07/20/2015). Read more
Thousands of Travelers packed beach in South Sukabumi

Thousands of tourists from different parts of Attraction crowded sea from the beach Ujunggenteng to Cibangban, Sukabumi, on the second day of Lebaran 2015. Read more
Rise, the number of tourists to the district. Duo

Soreang, (PRLM) .- The number of tourists to the tourist resorts in the district. Bandung during the holiday has increased to 200,000 people. To give a sense of security to the visitors. Regency Bandung also provides three health posts in tourist resorts. Read more
Attractions Lake Darma Sucking Thousands

KUNINGAN, (PRLM) .- The objects travel in Kuningan district in an atmosphere of Eid Eid Hijiryah 1436, during the last three days was observed crowded. One of these attractions Darma Reservoir Read more
Ngabuburit Up bandros, Travelled while to Science

Bandung roam using bus bandros quite enjoyable. Especially when done while ngabuburit to wait for iftar. Read more

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Lebaran holiday, All Regions already Ready to Receive Visitor Tourist

Head of tourism and culture of West Java, Nunung Sobari assess each area is ready to receive tourists visit the Eid holidays this year. Although those who come on vacation impromptu nature or just stay in touch with relatives. Read more
Kemenpar terbitkan peta jalur mudik plus wisata

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Kementerian Pariwisata (Kemenpar) menerbitkan peta jalur mudik resmi "plus" yang sekaligus memuat paket dan destinasi wisata di Sumatera, Jawa, dan Bali. Read more
Attawun magnificent mosque, Masjid Rereongan Sarupi

Another distinctive feature is Attawun Mosque situated on a hill green tea gardens. Attawun mosque had to be excellent for religious tourism for road users and the surrounding community. It does not seem to highlight, if not stopped by the mosque Attawun. Read more