Roaming Heritage in the City of Flowers

Bandung has a row of heritage buildings. The architecture is so antique, tourists can make a vacation just browsing the variety of historic buildings. Read more
So there Ciburuy Will Transformed Rabbit Island

BANDUNG - In order to increase tourist visits to West Bandung regency, PT Prime Multipurpose Facility which is the local government enterprises plans to build a cable car from Kota Baru Parahyangan - Situ Ciburuy - Goa Pawon. Read more
More than 20 hotels in Bandung Will Sale

BANDUNG - Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (IHRA) Jabar said more than 20 hotels in Bandung will be sold due to low occupancy and the burden to meet the company's operating costs. Read more
Disbudpar Bandung: Distribution of hotels in Bandung Not Evenly

BANDUNG - Department of Culture and Tourism (Disbudpar) Bandung revealed by studies related team the last few months, it was found that the spread of hotels in Bandung is uneven or centrally in the city center. Read more
Sundanese village so Dreams Regent Bandung

In addition to continuing to encourage the artists and cultural creativity, Bandung regency will continue to improve the supporting facilities. One of them is the presence of Culture gedong Sabilulungan as a cultural center. Read more
An Ancient Tomb and Menhir Found on site of Mount Padang

The findings of ancient objects in the area of ??Mount Padang back megalithic sites found by Indonesian Archaeological Society (MARI). One of the latest findings is the ancient tomb. Read more
Although simple, Hajat Earth Village Nyenang Hilariously

NGAMPRAH (PRLM) .- Tradition Earth or Hajat Hajat Overtime Nyenang village this year was held on Sunday (08/03/2015). Located in the village of Field Nyenang community has yet to gather and carry a variety of fields and gardens. Read more
The phenomenon Agate Can Boost Regional Tourism

Agate phenomenon that struck Indonesia have now is, is believed to increase tourism agate producing area. Read more
Accidental Aircraft, Foreign Tourist Visits Decline in the period of January

Impact QZ8510 AirAsia plane crash in a plane crash Karimata Strait and other woods, it turns impact on tourist arrivals to Indonesia. Read more
Mount Padang Site Visitors surge feared Destructive

CIANJUR, (PRLM) .- The density of visitors to the Megalithic sites in Kampung Gunung Padang Padang and Kampung Gunung Panggulan, Karyamukti Village District Campaka, Cianjur district raises its own concerns. If allowed to continue there is no limit, it is feared the number of visitors would undermine the existence of prehistoric sites. Read more