South Bandung, the Hidden Beauty

By: Try Hariyono
NOT wrong if the famous columnist, MAW Brouwer, called "God created nature Parahyangan while smiling." Nature is so beautiful. The beauty of it, among other things, look at the area south of Bandung.

The combination of mountains and green hills with tea plantations and the lake water became clear very enchanting panorama. The beauty of this is compounded by the sound of water splashing river that divides the various regions in southern Bandung.

Very fond, if ignored in southern Bandung upcoming Idul Fitri holiday. Apart from relatively close distance, about 157 kilometers from Jakarta, attractions that can be enjoyed also very diverse.

Indeed, to reach the southern Bandung, we will be confronted first by severe congestion, either on the way out through the door Toll Kopo, Mohammad Toha, and Buahbatu. Queue of urban transportation and road conditions are not too smooth to be quite excruciating.

However, the condition is not too far away. After the District Soreang which is the district capital of Bandung, a beautiful panorama and fresh air will soon be enjoyed. On either side of the road you can enjoy views of a variety of vegetables, ranging from green onions, cabbage, tomatoes, until the other crops.

Around Soreang Ciwidey direction can also be enjoyed strawberry picking tours. Visitors are welcome to pick strawberries and fruit weight are picked will be weighed later. Prices are very affordable and will definitely give impression for children.

Apart from Soreang and entering Ciwidey, our eyes will be spoiled by the expanse of tea plantations is very charming. In contrast to the panorama in Puncak, Bogor, expanse of tea that can be very broad and very diverse foothill conditions.

In the middle of this region, we can enjoy hot spring baths and Ciwalini Cimanggu. Both have their uniqueness.

If you want to enjoy the panorama herbeda, can enjoy the White crater, the crater lake of Mount Patuha which height reaches 2334 meters above sea level. Uniquely, the crater lake water is very white and we can play up to the edge of the crater lake.

After the White crater or playing in the hot spring, the journey can continue to patengan Situ, a natural lake at the foot of the mountain. In addition to wonderful panorama, surrounded by tea plantations Rancabali-and it was cool, also available boats can be rented for around the lake.

In this area there are also areas that Upas Ranca camp around there and deer. However, if it was too late, it's worth looking for hotels or cottages immediately to taste because at certain seasons, usually in the afternoon, the fog was very thick and visibility is limited.

Malabar Estates

Still in the south of Bandung, but the direction herbeda, there is a tea plantation in Malabar District Pangalengan. Slightly different from the natural panorama in the region Ciwidey.

In Pangalengan, in the middle of the expanse of tea plantations, there are some older buildings the former administrator of the Dutch colonial era tea plantations that are still terdwat well until now. Some buildings are also used as guest houses for tourists.

In this area there are also situ or Cileunca lake surrounded by hills with a beautiful mountain backdrop. There is also a hot water bath Cibolang located at the foot of Mount Wayang.

Do not forget, the taste of fresh milk in this region Pangalengan because many dairy farm, dairy industry and even the packaging. Various foods made from milk, like candy and tofu milk, are also available and can be used as a unique souvenir.

In short, a lot of uniqueness that can be enjoyed in southern Bandung. No one if there is a mention, south of Bandung has a hidden beauty.

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