Remembering the Service of Mr. Maestro Mr. Robin, Raising the Dignity of the Art of Magic became Honored in Indonesia


A Magic Festival was held at YPK Building, Bandung, Sunday (13/05/2018), to commemorate the Indonesian magic master. Robin. The person in charge of West Java Magic Festival 2018, Taufik Faturohman, said that Mr. Robin has been instrumental to the Indonesian magic world.

Many famous magicians today are Mr. Robin. "He has given birth to magicians such as Deddy Corbuzier, Joe Sandy, Steve Marchello, Rizuki, Ivan Christian, Robert Stevan, and others," Taufik said.

In the theater, the audience can see objects that can generate memories of Mr. Robin. On the right side of the show is a magic property that Mr. Robin. In addition, there are also photos of Mr. Robin is framed and hung on the walls of the theater.

According to Taufik, one of his services is to promote magic art into a respected art in Indonesia. "So the most visible of his services raised the art of magic from the most basic to the most honored. In the past, people saw magic commercials in the trees alone, the ads coincided with wc-ladies ads and maids, "he said.

Mr. Robin was born in 1952 and died in 2009 at his residence in Cimahi. The achievements of some Indonesian magicians who have won magic competitions in various parts of the world, said Taufik, one of the factors is the services of Mr. Robin.

Mr. Robin as a native of West Java also credited to print a reliable magician from West Java. "Every event magic match, many champions from West Java, such as Rizuki champion The Master Bandung people, Joe Sandy, that people Subang," said Taufik menyontohkan.

In the Festival West Java Magic 2018 "Tribute to Mr. Robin "is enlivened appearance of 40 magicians from various regions. Even some of the performers who come from Thailand and South Korea.

Author: Theofilus Richard
Editor: Yudha Maulana
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