Tourism Destination - General
Village 99 ( village deer )

Location : Depok City

When you feel bored with the urban atmosphere, come to the village of 99 trees, or often also called Kampung Deer, shelter for... Read more
Elephant Village

Location : Bandung Barat Regencies

Kampung Gajah theme tours, shopping, and culinary. The view from this place is quite beautiful with the cool air. Seating is available and comfortable... Read more
Sampireun Village

Location : Garut Regencies

Kampung Sampireun Hotel is operating since January 1999. Located in Ciparay Village, Sukakarya, Samarang District, Garut, West Java. It was inaugurated by the Minister... Read more
Kampung Toga

Location : Sumedang Regencies

Kampung Toga prepared for the Area Tourism berwasan menyuju environmental forest area of ​​town with a complete fasilias Location Kampung Toga is 2 KM... Read more
Bandung Zoo

Location : Bandung City

  Bandung Zoo is located adjacent to the campus and the river Cikapundung ITB. The zoo occupies a land area of ​​13.5 ha of... Read more
Bogor Botanical Gardens

Location : Bogor City

Bogor Botanical Gardens was founded by a German botanist, Prof.. Dr. C. G. C Reinwadt in 1817. Here there are approximately 20,000 species... Read more
Cibodas Botanical Garden

Location : Cianjur Regencies

Legendary garden was established on 11 April 1852 by Johannes Ellias Teijsmann, a curator at the Bogor Botanical Gardens, with the name of te... Read more
Kuningan Botanical Garden

Location : Kuningan Regencies

Kuningan Botanical Garden is an implementation of the Ministry of Environment and Agenda 21, for developing each region with one botanical garden. This is... Read more
Swimming Cigugur

Location : Kuningan Regencies

Cigugur a swimming pool that is considered sacred and used in antiquity as a place to meditate by Ki Gedeng Padara, someone who is... Read more
Banjar monkey colony

Location : Indramayu Regencies

Banjar Taman, is one of the Sultan Kesepuhan Cirebon. That said, this park is where the imprisoned Prince Surya State, circa 1600 AD.... Read more