Tourism Destination - Religion
Aria Dynasty tomb Goparana

Location : Subang Regencies

Aria Dynasty tomb is located in Block Coral Goparana Beurit Jackfruit, Village Sagalaherang Kaler, District Sagalaherang. Because in Coral Block Beurit Jackfruit, then... Read more
Graveyard Baganjing

Location : Tasikmalaya Regencies

Baganjing tomb complex administratively into Panembong Village area and is located at the coordinate point of 108 º 11'45''East Longitude and 07 º 27'06''latitude.... Read more
Tomb Buyut Israh

Location : Majalengka Regencies

Located in the Village District of South Sukasari Argapura with +15 km distance from the center that has extensive Majalengka +2 Ha. Access to... Read more
Tomb Buyut Kyai Arsitem

Location : Majalengka Regencies

The source is located in the Village District Wetan Jatitujuh with +37 km distance from the center that has extensive Majalengka +450 m2. This... Read more
Tomb Tambi Buyut

Location : Indramayu Regencies

The tomb in the village of Yang Tambi Tambi, District Sliyeg Jatibarang-lane road on Indramayu. Tambi Buyut Keletakan tomb is at coordinates 06... Read more
Tomb of the Students

Location : Purwakarta Regencies

In the tomb of Students is located in an area of ​​plantation on a small hill to the north of the village. You'll pass... Read more
Graveyard Dalem Cikundul

Location : Cianjur Regencies

Dalem Cikundul is a pretty important figure in the history of Cianjur. He is the first and last palace of Padaleman Cianjur Mataram... Read more
Makam dan Goa Pamijahan

Location :

Lokasi di Kampung Pamijahan, Desa Pamijahan, Kecamatan Bantarkalong. Di lokasi ini terdapat goa alam dan makam penyebar agama Islam yang agak berjauhan. Menurut sejarah... Read more
Tomb and the Cave Pamijahan

Location : Tasikmalaya Regencies

Administratively located in Village Pamijahan, Pamijahan Village, District Bantarkalong. Astronomically located at coordinates 0177650 and UTM 49: 9162411. The site is located in a... Read more
Tomb of King Dayeuh Luhur

Location : Sumedang Regencies

King Geusan Ulun is a fairly important figure in the past. He is the successor to Queen shoots umun which is the first king... Read more