Tourism Destination - Lakes
lake Cipule

Location : Karawang Regencies

Lake Cipule occurs because the rest of the human explotasi with sand miners, the lake is right on the edge of time in addition... Read more
lake Kalimati

Location : Karawang Regencies

Lake Kalimati occurred because Nature, which changed the flow of time Citarum turn into the straight, so the former river is dammed lakes... Read more
Lido Lake

Location : Bogor Regencies

Lake Lido offers to your stretch of crystal clear lakes and various types of entertainment for all family members. Situated between two mountains (Mount... Read more
Grama Tirta Jatiluhur

Location : Purwakarta Regencies

  Indulge body and soul and your family with recreation in the Grama Tirta Jatiluhur. This place is a pleasant place to tour and... Read more
Sanghyang Heuleut

Location : Bandung Barat Regencies

A hidden location makes this a tourist spot that still maintained its natural beauty. In fact, to be able to come to the region... Read more
Lake Anggrahan

Location : Majalengka Regencies

Located in the Village Pilangsari, District Jatitujuh, a distance of +35 km from the city center that has extensive Majalengka +35 Ha. Objects and... Read more
situ Bagendit

Location : Garut Regencies

Situ Bagendit is a lake that is surrounded by natural areas that are still surrounded by rice paddies and village residents with the background... Read more
Stone lake

Location : Majalengka Regencies

Stone situ Malausma located in the village, district Malausma with +46 km distance from the center of Majalengka. Overall width of this attraction is... Read more
lake Bojongsari

Location : Indramayu Regencies

Tourism Region is located in the village Bojongsari Indramayu District Bojongsari ± 2 KM from the city center Indramayu, and an area of ​​±... Read more
lake Bolang

Location : Indramayu Regencies

Bolang there is one alternative that has a tourist attraction. The place is situated in the village Jatisura Cikedung District, 20 km from the... Read more