Tourism Destination - Handicraft
Batik Bogor

Location : Bogor Regencies

Bogor batik motifs inspired from Pakuan royal heritage, historical objects, natural phenomena, and culture. One motif is the famous Deer Kujang motif. This motif... Read more
Batik Ciamis

Location : Ciamis Regencies

Ciamis has a tradition handed down in history batik craft. Some call it already exists since the Kingdom Galuh victorious. But, certainly, this has... Read more
batik Cianjur

Location : Cianjur Regencies

Many crafters Batik-inspired Cianjur Cianjur natural beauty. Due to the agrarian life, his batik motif more breath of agricultural products. Motifs and colors of... Read more
Batik Cirebon

Location : Cirebon Regencies

Speaking of Cirebon batik, we know of 2 types of batik, the palace and batik batik trusmi. Batik Cirebon Batik Coastal himself belonged. In... Read more
Batik Garut

Location : Garut Regencies

It has long been known as batik artisans Garut. Batik Garutan got a pretty prestigious place for fans or collectors of batik cloth. Garutan... Read more
Batik Indramayu

Location : Indramayu Regencies

Natural beauty and variety of the phenomenon in Indramayu creativity has led to the birth of batik batik Indramayu in the local delivery is... Read more
Batik Sumedang

Location : Sumedang Regencies

Batik Sumedang began to be popularized in the mid 90s, and growing rapidly until 2002. At that time, he was able to give birth... Read more
Batik Majalengka

Location : Majalengka Regencies

Become more familiar with the unique world of batik in Majalengka! With a diverse repertoire of motifs drawn from the flora and fauna,... Read more
Batik Tasikmalaya

Location : Tasikmalaya Regencies

Recognize the three motifs Batik Tasikmalaya, namely Sukapura Batik, Batik Sawoan, and Batik Tasik. You will be able to discern that the face... Read more
Jatiwangi Art Factory

Location : Majalengka Regencies

Jatiwangi Art Factory ( JAF ) is a nonprofit organization that focuses on the study of the local life of the countryside through arts... Read more