Tourism Destination - Traditional House
Kampug Adat Cikondang

Location : Bandung Regencies

According Kuncen Cikondang Village, supposedly first in this area there are Seke (spring) is overgrown with large trees called famous. Therefore, the next... Read more
Traditional House Citalang

Location : Purwakarta Regencies

Traditional House Citalang is one example of a traditional house Purwakarta community. The house is still maintained its authenticity is in the Gang... Read more
Traditional House Hasan Maulani

Location : Kuningan Regencies

Traditional home located in Village Hasan Maulani Wage, Lengkong Village, District Garawangi. Astronomically located at coordinates 6 ° 59'22 "latitude and 108 º... Read more
Traditional House Panjalin

Location : Majalengka Regencies

Traditional home located in Village Penjalin Penjalin, Village Panjalin, Cikalong Wetan. This location is about 23 km from Majalengka. To reach the location... Read more
Traditional House Saung Rangoon

Location : Bekasi Regencies

Saung is located in Kampung Cikedokan Rangoon, Cikedokan Village, District of West Cikarang, with keletakan at 107 º 0 '.204 "longitude and 06... Read more