Tourism Destination - Angklung Category
Angguk Rengkong

Location : Sukabumi Regencies

Nod Rengkong namely rice bearer instrument in use at the show Rengkong. Rengkong nod made of Awi Guluntungan (Bamboo logs), there are nearly... Read more
Angklung Badeng

Location : Garut Regencies

Badeng is a type of art that emphasizes the angklung musical terms as a primary instrument. Sanding Badeng contained in the Village, District... Read more
Angklung Badud

Location : Tasikmalaya City

  Badud Angklung art belongs to the family of type helaran Performing Arts / procession, parade or carnival.   The main function of this... Read more
Angklung Buncis

Location : Bandung Regencies

Beans is a performance art that is entertainment, among which there are at Baros (Arjasari, London). At first the beans used at events... Read more
Angklung Bungko

Location : Cirebon Regencies

Angklung art Bungko is typical of rural areas Cirebon Bungko in District Kapetakan. Waditra used are drums, tutukan, klenong and gongs.   Actually,... Read more
Diatonic Angklung

Location : Garut Regencies

Angklung Angklung diatonic is the development of the bertangga Buhun Pentatonic tone like Angklung Beans, and Angklung Angklung Baduy Gubrag who have long... Read more
Angklung Dogdog Lojor

Location : Sukabumi Regencies

Artistry in community dogdog there lojor Kasepuhan pancer Pangawinan or Indigenous Unity of South Bantam scattered around the Mist Mountain (adjacent to Sukabumi,... Read more
angklung Gubrak

Location : Bogor Regencies

Angklung gubrag Cipining there in the village, district Cigudeg, Bogor. Angklung is old age and used to honor the goddess of rice in... Read more

Location : West Java

Arumba is one kind of folk music found in almost every area in West Java. This device is made of bamboo options such as... Read more

Location : Tasikmalaya Regencies

Art is in the village of Tanjung Badeng districts blossom Rajapolah Tasikmalaya District.   According to the story of this art comes from... Read more