Tourism Destination - Clumps Terebang

Location : Sumedang Regencies

Enjoy the art show Bangreng during your visit in Sumedang. This dance is a development of the arts "Fly" and "Ronggeng", which uses a... Read more
Genjring Acrobat

Location : Cirebon Regencies

Take your time and enjoy one of the distinctive art of this Cirebon. Genjring Acrobat is a combination of art with art Genjring... Read more
Genjring Bonyok

Location : Subang Regencies

Name of art on this one, Genjring Bonyok, derived from the word Genjring and Bonyok. Genjring is waditra skinned wearing a kind of... Read more
Genjring Rudat

Location : Cirebon Regencies

Initially developed only Arts Rudat pesantren, but then the breath of Islamic art is developed also in the general population. According to Enoch... Read more
Rudat Acrobat

Location : Indramayu Regencies

Always expressed admiration penonoton who witnessed one of the traditional arts community Indramayu, namely Rudat Acrobat. Art consists of acrobat / extreme attraction to... Read more
Terebang Buhun

Location : Bandung Regencies

Fly Buhun is one of folk performing arts are largely scattered in several places in West Java, with some title like Flight Gede, Gebes... Read more