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Rumah makan Ibu Haji Ciganea

Location : Purwakarta Regencies

If you're heading to Bandung not pass through toll lanes Purwakarta Cipularang, you can try cuisine served at this restaurant, one of the typical cuisine of the restaurant that this is a baby goldfish (small carp) are dry and crispy fried, which you can not see anywhere but here.
Apart from a small goldfish culinary crispy fried here too you can find culinary carp fry is tasty, but also, in a restaurant is also available following Sunda culinary-lalapannya salad. Such as fried chicken village, obese, corn cakes, or shrimp, long beans or pencok pencok leunca extra spicy, as well as the maturation of the salad equally as good as cassava leaves, papaya leaves, leaf waluh.
The diner has been there since 1971 comes from the village Mekargalih, Ciganea, District Jatiluhur, Purwakarta District. The diner was founded by Rd. Atik Jaya Saputra and is now continued by the third generation of his.

Address : Lokasi rumah makan ini bisa ditemui di Jalan Veteran Purwakarta atau di Jalan Raya Pramuka yang menj
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