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Soto Gempol

Location : Karawang Regencies

Soto is a very well known in the city of Karachi, none other than Soto Gempol. Most of the citizens of Karachi have been very familiar with Gempol soto, soto's known has been around since the 1980's by H. Gratitude and Hj Abdul. Fatimah.
The mainstay here is surely the first of his Gempol Soto, soto are four choices are: chicken soup, beef soup, tripe soup, and soup intestine. But if you try everything to stay just order soup mix. Soto Soto Betawi Gempol similar, just more gravy Soto Gempol yellowish color while the Soto Betawi white coconut milk sauce. Usually served with chips and a sprinkling of green onion, accompanied with pickle and lime juice make this soup becomes more savory and delicious.
The services provided at Soto Gempol pretty quickly so visitors do not have to wait too long. In addition to the service and the waiters are very friendly service and satisfying to make visitors feel at home and happy to stop back at Soto Gempol.

Address : Jl. Rangga Gede no. 33 Karawang
Phone Number : (0267) 404005
Website: : -

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