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RM Gandasari Sambal Cibiuk Asli

Location : Garut Regencies

For you chili lovers, visit to Eating Gandasari Cibiuk Sambal Original at Jl. The South, West Java Main Page. By offering dishes Sambel Cibiuk, certainly an experience you will not be forgotten.

Ny-owned restaurant. Mamah Salamah has ample space. With the help of five employees and 5 tables, you can bring as many as 30 people at a party.

Sundanese cuisine more generally taste sweet. Sambal Fried Chicken menu and Cibiuk certainly be able to thrill your taste buds. Not only that, fresh vegetables presented here will add to the excitement of your afternoon meal with family or friends.

A number of other menu you can add a sweet soy sauce to make it more appropriate to the particularities of West Java. Freshness of green tomatoes and basil will invite a satisfying taste.

Made from raw and pulverized with a rough, Sambal Cibiuk pretty easy to make. Starting from green tomato, chilli and basil leaves in a single direct you grind cobet then added a little salt, brown sugar, shrimp paste and kencur.

Although the restaurant is somewhat far from the city center Garut, frequently if the general is coming from outside the City Main Page. To complement your culinary journey, invite family and friends to the City during the holidays Garut. (Media Indonesia /

Address : Jl. The South Main Page
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