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Rumah Makan Sangkuriang

Location : Subang Regencies

RM. Sangkuriang located in the path of the main highway towards Subang Bandung, so easily reached either from Subang to be to Bandung and vice versa. The distance about 11 Km from the city of Bandung Subang while about 45 Km. Eating house is surrounded by fish ponds with a natural pesawahan, mountains cool and comfortable. Open every day from 08:00 to 21:00 pm. Supported by 30 ± employee can accommodate about 100 people. RM. Sangkuriang provides a wide range of food and drink menu, but which became the mainstay of the menu Gurame Fish Soup, a price / ounce of approximately Rp. 9500.
As for the other menus that are available include:
Gurame Fish Grill Smoke, Fish Soup Combrang, Tilapia Cobek Koloyong, Assorted Seafood (Squid + Shrimp), Chicken Boil Ginger, Watercress Hot Plate Sea Food, Farmers Sapo, Tode Salted Fish, Tofu Special Content, Mendoan Tempe, Tofu / Tempe penyet , Rice and Complete Lead Assorted Fried Rice.
Assorted Beverages:
Coconut Sundana, Drinks and Assorted Fresh Fruit Juices.
Facilities available in RM. Sangkuriang namely:
Lesbian as many as 12 pieces the size of 2x2 m
The dining table is composed of 12 tables and 65 chairs
4 Toilet
Page capacity of approximately 25 car parking
Fish swimming under lesehan place.

Address : Jln Raya Subang – Ciater Km 11 Kec. Cijambe Subang
Phone Number : 0260 – 470 883
Website: : -

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