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Rumah Makan Dila

Location : Subang Regencies

RM Dila is located near the highway track KS. Tubun towards Subang terminal, exactly behind STMIK / STKIP Subang, Open every day from 11.00 am to 22.00 am, bangunanya made ​​of bamboo, artistic and comfortable. Dila RM provides a wide range of food and drink menu, but the menu mainstay, Packages ATL (Chicken Bones Software) 1 package price is Rp. 16,000, rice fluffier Fuel (Fill rice, chicken, tofu and sauce) 1 package of Rp. 17,500.
The other menus are available, namely:
- Know the Fuel
- Flour Fried Squid
- Tail Soup Fried
- Teriyaki: beef, chicken, squid, shrimp
- Steak: Chicken, Beef
Assorted Beverages:
- Blend Late capucino
- Stowberry Smoothies
- Hot capucino
- Assorted fresh juice and other beverages:
Facilities available at the Dila RM
- Place lesehan 2, @ a capacity of 8 org
- Outdoor Gazebo: 1-4 Non-Ket: 1-2 Capacity 25 org
3-4 Capacity 8 org
- Mosque
- Toilet
- Parking Page
- Karaoke and conference facilities for families or VIP meeting room
- Swimming Fish

Address : Coptic Complex Gull Rd No.10 - 12 Subang
Phone Number : (0260) 412479
Website: : -

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