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Rumah Makan Mang Yeye

Location : Subang Regencies

RM. Yeye Mang is located in the path of the highway Kalijati - Subang, so easily reached both from Jakarta to Bandung will be via Subang, or vice versa. Restaurant with an area of ​​1000 m2 and is supported by 12 employees are able to accommodate 200 guests and is open 24 jam.Rumah eat is visited by many guests from out of town, especially Jakarta.
Facilities and Menu
The facilities available are:
- Lesbian Saung where as many as 14 pieces
- Dining table & chairs as much as 13 pcs 100 pcs
- Mosque
- Toilet consist of 5 doors
- Parking facilities can accommodate 15 cars
- Swimming Fish
The menu is available, in addition to a wide range of Sundanese cuisine typical menu is also available Karedok and fried chicken and drink a coconut ice.

Address : Kalijati-Subang Highway
Phone Number : 0260 - 462377
Website: : -

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