Pesarean Gede

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Site Pesarean Gede / Mount Ciung located in Village Pesarean, Village Kulon City, District of South Sumedang. It lies in the middle of the city Sumedang make this site easier to visit with two-and four-wheeled vehicles. Pasarean village located west of Princes Street Geusan Ulun which is the main street in this city. There are two doors to enter the tomb area of ​​system administrator. The first door or the front door through Jalan P. Geusan Ulun, while the second door through Kutamaya Road. Astronomically located at 06 º 51'11 "latitude and 107 º 55'19" longitude.
This site kerupakan cemetery shoots umun Queen and her husband, Prince Santri, and his descendants. Queen is the Queen of the Kingdom of shoots umun Sumedanglarang who first embraced Islam, while the Prince of Students is a nobleman of Cirebon. Marriage is likely to play a major role in the growth and development of Islam in West Java Sumedang and interior in general. One of the descendants of the Queen and Prince shoots umun Students who are buried in this tomb complex is Prince Kornel, Sumedang Regent is very well known, particularly during the construction of nets that connect Anyer Raya Pos - Panarukan on the orders of the Governor-General Herman W. Daendels (1811-1813).
Tomb complex is situated in the middle of the settlement of about 300 m to the north of the town square Sumedang. Tomb complex occupies an area of ​​about 1 ha. Tomb area in general is relatively flat, except for the tomb of Queen and Prince shoots umun beberpa Students as well as other tombs in the area located approximately 3 m higher than other areas. Tomb complex is divided into 4 blocks, ie blocks A, B, C, and D. Block A contains the tomb of Queen umun and the other shoots. While the three other blocks located in the lower regions, arranged row of block B is sorted in the north, Block C and D to the south of block B. In block B there is the tomb Prince Kornel and wife that lies in the cupola. In general, the tomb of Queen Pucuk umun, Santri Prince, Prince Kornel, and wife of Prince Kornel grave markers have changed. Headstone is now almost uniform shape resembles a crown.

Location: Kampung Pesarean, Village Town Kulon, District of South Sumedang 
Coordinates: 6 ° 51 '7 "S, 107 ° 55' 11" E 
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Directions: About 300 m north of the square Sumedang City. 
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