Galah Jidar

16-11-2011 West Java 28447 viewed


In almost all areas of traditional games homeland jidar pole can be found in terms of their respective regions. The game can be done by two people or more. But most often the game done in teams or groups. Each team or group consisting of respectively 3 and can reach dozens of people. The essence of the game is through the rod (line) which is a barrier to bypassed with a number of steps as much as possible.
The first group has a chance to start the game. After all group members take turns to jump first, the second group's turn to do the same. After all the players jump over the bar line, a second group has the task to measure or move the bar line.

To determine winning and losing the game in one group there are members who stepped on the bar line, which is otherwise lost when a member is also determined according to agreement with the leap in the first instance when a member of the group to stepping over the bar line, but there are members who are after him two or more, then the group gets the value declared lost. 

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