Galah Palang

17-11-2011 West Java 28443 viewed


Cross Galah game is not much different from the pole jidar. Both the rules of play and how. What separates this game is the bar lines placed hurdles in the way is crossed. Beginning of the game each player in the group are required to pass through the bar lines are placed to form the letter "T" and had to jump the way it crosses back and forth. At the second session, the players do the same but done without looking down or abysmal line. The game carried out continuously by changing the beam line and jump over the bar line rule.
In this game, but it takes concentration, the players. also required to have a strategy as well as compactness. No less important is the honesty and sportsmanship among others. Because the penalties that will apply to those who are not honest or sportsmanship, but isolated and not invited back to play will also be ridiculed.


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