Hong 25

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Playing on cat and mouse like this in several areas also called ucing peunpeun or ucing 25. Because children are expressed as a cat after raffled through the suit, suten or hompimpa, the child in his eyes closed, or if not closed then the child must count to 25 and a friend - the others try to hide.
When in search of another child who had attacked the nest, then the child back to repeat the calculation and this time the count is determined by his partner. The trick, the cat first child close their eyes and one child who had attacked the nest has the task to provide an educated guess by touching his cat with one part of the body. If not predictable, then the child should be calculated according to the wishes of children who got the assignment to make guesses. Meanwhile, when the cat back predictable child count to 25, closing his eyes and looking back after colleagues - colleagues who had been hiding. The new game may be terminated if the child is a cat able to find all his associates are hiding.
 Hong 25 more in several areas known as hide and seek. Ordinances and rules of the game not far different from the Hong 25. Starting with Hompimpa to determine who the "cat" (act as a finder friend - the friend who had been hiding). The cat would eventually close my eyes or turn around while counting to 25, usually him facing a wall, tree or whatever so he did not see her friends moving to hide.
After the count of ten, he began looking for his friends to act them. If he finds his friend, he will call his name he found it. What is, when he sought he usually had to leave the place (base). Place if touched by another friend who hid it batalah all your friends are found, meaning that he must repeat again, where-friends-friends who have found release and will hide again. Then the cat will calculate and search again.

 The game is finished after all friends are found. And the first was found to be the next cat. There is one more term in this game, the 'fire' in question here is if your friends are hiding cat caught by the cat because the cat was told by a friend who had been found earlier than hiding. 

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