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Hong-Hongan is a game which is a game that requires some people that are looking for and the others hid their tools are beginning to prepare a coconut shell that has been on the sides, bamboo blade to hit the coconut shell. Games that save a tool in rural areas Priangan almost all there is. In the first game to be determined in advance who the "ucing" or who gets to find his friend and keep the coconut shell.
Various kinds of ways to determine who the "ucing" one of them is by using a sung verse that every piece he was appointed to one and the latter appointed fits the song ended she was the "ucing" in charge of the search and while keeping the shell. One of his songs are: Jong-which ma-a tam-tam-pe-pa ge fe-dang-rgen tie Bo-Yeng. in-be-re-tut garden be-fang Or 8an tire-ben-a-ya-ta u-ching ka-re-na-ta ba-kaf u-cing the slave e-ta
Once one becomes the other guards then running for a place to hide but not too much because if the "cat" was negligent then the player is entitled to kick the shell. The cat was when she saw a man hiding quickly call the name of the person who hid it and shouted the word "Hong" sambiI bat slammed into the coconut shells.

Then the player who called it he lost and must be "ucing" next. But if the guard was negligent and someone managed to kick the shell, then who had been caught had the right to hide anymore. That is until it was discovered by "ucing" and after all is complete then the most he's a first look into "ucing" next. If a "ucing" which is not too far from the "shell" for fear of being kicked then his friends called him a "nut brackets" so lacking in exploring in search of his hiding place. 

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