Klogs Awi (bamboo)

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 Games clogs awi (bamboo) is not much difference with a game or

toys and clogs jajangkungan stilts or shells. How to play
is to regulate the body's balance and endurance ..
Clogs or the base of the footing is made of bamboo. generally, bamboo
used are bamboo with large diameter, such as awi (bamboo)
Gombong. Bamboo rod tip at the cut as desired, usually between 5
up to 10 inches meters. The middle of a hole to attach ropes as
grip. How to play the game is not much different with stilts or
jajangkungan, the difference is, a game pad clogs awi Tumbuan
in addition to the rigid (footing) are also on hand (rope handles). because the rope
in addition to functioning as a handle as well as the control set ups and downs
the foot.
As with any game or jajangkungan stilts, clogs awi played
as an endurance race, the strategy also physical. In several areas that is getting hard
get the materials to make toys awi clogs, clogs material which
a bamboo replaced with paint cans. While the rope grip
in several areas made ​​of banana tree fiber or rope fibers, is also replaced with
plastic rope or cord rapia.

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