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Clogs shell game (coconut shell) is not much difference with games or toys or jajangkungan stilts. How to play it is to regulate the balance and endurance. Clogs or footing is made of a halved coconut shell. Coconut shell Commonly used is the shell with large diameter and sudan old. Dried coconut shell that has been divided in half and the middle a hole to be plugged rope made ​​from banana tree fiber or rope young fibers.
Selection of tree fiber or fiber linings young fibers, in addition to flexible and strong, also allows players to play a shell clogs. How to play it is not much different from the game or jajangkungan stilts, the difference is, a game pad clogs Bato in addition to the stiff pedestal (ground) are also on hand (rope handles). Because the rope in addition to functioning as a handle as well as the control set ups and downs of the foot.

As with any game or jajangkungan stilts, played as a shell clogs endurance race, physical as well the strategy, the most interesting thing from the game clogs not only the expertise of current shell mengatuk body balance and physical strength, but also from elements of the sound produced when played coconut shell. Increasingly shrill tone of his voice and create harmony, that's the best player. 

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