Java Jump

24-11-2011 West Java 28439 viewed


Jump Java game actually is not much difference with games pat 10m high. This difference is the position of the rubber which is formed into the field in terms of length, square or triangle. In fact, sometimes the rubber positions in several areas that must be passed by way of cross-shaped bolt.
Level of difficulty of the game is to remember the concentration step and the road as it passes through a rubber barrier. Because when the current passes to and different then the player has to maintain or replace the officer holding the rubber.
The game is usually done by the girls, just in certain areas also attended by the children of men. Because other than according to their game that requires strategy, tactics and concentration is very challenging and they are able to do so is considered as a smart boy. A session is usually carried out by three or more children. Two children served as the holder and the regulator of rubber, and a child as a player.


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