Jump Rubber

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Down the rubber game in several areas which do girls most easily found. Neither the terms nor the rules of playing almost all the same. The game begins by first determining who has the initial task to maintain. Having already determined the new rubber holders whose turn it is entitled to do the first jump and so on.
The game is usually done by 5 or more people have shown the physical and skill of the players. In addition, players are also required to be able to measure the ability to pass through obstacles, or when a stretch of rubber with his posture. In addition to the body and flexibility demanded courage in taking decisions, the players are also required to have the ability to use a variety of ways. Such as how to fold the leg while jumping, using the hand when reaching for,. Set to run and jump so as not to fall.

Players who are not able to go through trials or failed and caught the rubber, then he should replace the officer to hold the rubber. Early games or stretch (hurdles) put the rubber on the ground. After that go up the size of the ankles, etc. calf, knee, waist, sedada, semulut or ears, sekepala, an inch from the head and ending with tanggan reach the (independent). 

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