Great Mosque Tegal bat

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Tegal Bats Great Mosque is located in Jalan Kampung The HajiSuleiman in the region, Village Talun, South Sumedang. To the east of the mosque there is a terrain that is now a park district, north there is a Presidential Market, west of The Village residential area, and west is a residential area sebalah Sukaluyu Village. In astoronomis located at 06 º 50'54, 7 "latitude and 107 º 55'37, 8" BT.
Bats in the history of Tegal Sumedang is the capital of the kingdom after being removed from Dayeuh Sumedanglarang Noble in the 1600s. This displacement occurs at the time of R. Suriadiwangsa succeeded his father, King Geusan Ulun. After the kingdom of Mataram Sumedanglarang the territory of Islam, this place is by R. Suriadiwangsa made Sumedang district administrative center. For completeness of such policies in general the cities of Islam in Indonesia, R. Suriadiwangsa build this mosque at around the 1600's is a permanent building berdenah rectangle measuring 22 x 8 m. The main room is also equipped with doors and windows. Mosque roof supported by four pillars overlap the main pillars of the peak or fitted with mustaka. In addition to the main hall, the mosque is also equipped with a terrace and the place of ablution. At the mosque there is a page that is equipped with a fence around the two doors. According to information from the Welfare Council of Mosques (DKM), the original mosque was building houses on stilts, the walls of woven bamboo or cubicle. At least 5 times the mosque has undergone restoration.
In addition the mosque, in this place there are archeological remains - the history is quite important, namely former Sumedang Regency Hall. Pavilion building is located near the mosque. Buildings undergoing changes and additions to this form now functioned as the Head Office of the South Sumedang.

One of the important historical events in this mosque is when in 1786 the Sultanate of Banten army attack led by Little Widara. Attacks carried out when Regent and public officials are performing prayer and Eid al-Fitr falls resulting in many casualties Sumedang. After the event was moved to the central government is now downtown. Wrenching events that also resulted in another is taboo for the regents next fall when the Eid prayer on Friday for prayers in the capital city of Sumedang. 

Location: Jalan Haji Suleiman in The Villages area, Village Talun, South Sumedang
Coordinates: 6 ° 50 '33 "S, 107 ° 55' 23" E
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