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Among girls sapintrong game is a very popular game. In addition to the physical strength needed stratedi well, the players were required to be honest and fair. Diwali with two games to determine who should keep the two ends of rope or rubber. After the officers determined that holds the rubber and the order of players, games or anything done by ordinary leap begins. After all players had a turn, the system or rules of the jump, starting from the beginning to enter the round rubber suit jumping must be mutually agreed.

In addition to single-handedly made ​​the leap is also carried by 2 to 3 people. Typically, the agreements made ​​between players is the number of jumps in the round rubber to be done each player. In addition the deal is done is the speed of the rubber being played by two players. No terms lose and win in this game when done on an individual basis. Those rules are not able to do a deal, it was he who had the task holding the tip of the rubber and got orders as agreed by the players. The game is usually done by not more than 10 people. 

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