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Almost every region in the country have this kind of game. Boxes made ​​too many different forms. There is a bar named sondah, windmills, houses, and other circles. Although the form of the game sondah vary, but the rules are agreed upon nearly the same. Only terms that distinguish language. Generally the game is played by girls. But not little boys who are also fond of games or sondah this. How to play, after forming two groups of this game is generally played by girls. Pattern of images shaped trestle boxes made ​​in the ground. Each player holds a piece of broken tile or flat stone, which is then thrown into the game box. Players jumped from the box next to the box. Box that contains broken tiles should not be trampled. Otherwise the player loses if stepping on a line or box outside the box. The first player is called mi-hiji, both mi-two, three mi-tilu, and so on. 

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