Bedil Sorolok

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Toys are made ​​from banana leaves midrib which reads "sorolok" This toy is a lot of play when the material is widely available, ie when when shooting leaves - banana leaves for the purposes of carrying food, or when the seIamatan, traditional ceremonies in need of food wrapped in leaves.
But many others who make these toys by deliberately taking its bark and leaves are not used. These toys are making quite the bananas and 10-12 cm along the length of the midrib of the cut stem of a simple cut top ring it is by way of an incision had been standing and his position in a way dihentakan hit along with the back of his hand so that the incision is re kesemula and ring simultaneously. At the present time the game was changing shape with the addition of a handle like a rifle. By way of bending the base of the banana-like weapon. The name of the toy becomes "Bedil Sorolok" rifle, which means long-barreled firearm. This is because the area Kasepuhan Bantam South and in rural areas in Subang, his name is still sorolokdan shape is still plain.
Use of this toy is a disposable toy because if used again for the next day banana stems will wilt. To play the next they'll make it again. It's very simple and plain for recreation element is generated by the sound, play it can be done alone or with a group of mutual tolling way back. The period is now widely played a game of war and fired by means of tolling.

This is impacting on. how to hold the play's this, and before the game was changed to "rifle" means holding a weapon from the side and hit it towards the edge as well, but after becoming a "rifle" means holding it to be from behind and hit him in the future. 

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