Empet - Empetan

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These toys play a lot on the eve of harvest and at harvest time arrives. Toys made ​​of palm leaves is producing sound "Peet" angry-voiced empetan means "pet-pet", but it's the kind of traditional Sundanese music is the trumpet into the back of the sound source is called "mpet", tarompet is a kind of brass accompaniment Dance performances, Silat Disabled, Reog, and accompaniment Benjang Martial arts.
That the origin of the horn is from a game-empetan annoyed, while derived from the mean taraempet tuning means that the heart sound annoyed. Toys mpet-mepetan or Sukabumi area called ole-Olean, made ​​by wrapping the palm leaves from the small to the large coil and formed like a trumpet to end windings.
At the end of the coil pierced with a stick, the remaining coconut leaves so that the coil was not loose. Winding the base area so that the leaf is pressed into an oval hole, then made ​​"Mpet" ie two palm leaves 1 cm in size and opposite pairs of coils were inserted kepangkal. Play is a way to blow it.
Toys angry-empetan have basic shapes triangle, and has two sides. The first is the sound source and a second hole that serves as a sound resonator cavity so that the sound becomes louder.

At the end of the stick, which means the holder of ditusukan be angry-angry empetan the colors of early-empetan dark green (the color of coconut fronds) gradually becomes brown as the leaves dry out. 

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