Golek Kembang

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Toys gogolekan flower is a type of toy that mimics the shape of the doll or puppet. Gogolekan is different from the previous gogolekan made ​​more complicated. Gogolekan flowers made ​​simpler and usually intended bagl child younger age when compared with the playing of the midrib gogolekan cassava. These toys are made of "flower sapatu" which is widely planted are at home. How to make it very easy to just use a stick that ditusukan of flowers and wearing flowers are still young to the head. Different ways to play with toys before gogolekan, gogolekan is played with a child's imagination, and even simple movements only move left and right neck. And generally made of two pieces so that a child can imagine as if he were face to face and talk or well being of war, these toys are used only disposable, as it will wilt, including fragile and easily damaged. Toys are colored green and red colors according to the existing development. 

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