Ketepel or Bandring

02-12-2011 West Java 28440 viewed


Toys that use the branch that "nyagak" cultivated a balanced two-pronged. This toy is a toy that includes papuler and still survive, although its use is different from the past, namely for hunting but the present study only used for target shooting. These toys even though the defense but very rarely played because it was considered an old charcoal dangerous if the person, This happens because children today who do not have a "litingeren" means a child who has a high taste, sensitivity, and insight, unlike in young children first child or who live in the countryside.

Their very high sensitivity to the natural taste and insight. Bandring or slingshot is considered a dangerous toy, and eventually many avoidable and not in play. Toys that use three materials are wood, rubber, and leather. Wood is very easy to get to the rubber material they usually use materials available from the start using dirty rubber to rubber shorts, rubber tire inside, until the rubber band on the "gracious" in the bunch like a chain. 

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