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Toys that are played at the time of harvest comes, because the material used is a lot of rice segment material existence when the harvest has come, when the grain is harvested. Rice stalks are cut, approximately 10 cm in length, by cutting the base of its segment. Then below the limit of its segments clamped by two hands and digesekan together until broken rice stem segments, and then press the two opposite ends, then blow and will read "ngek". And pongok is the bottom of the zither. On the plop this toy a child trying to align and train her voice by adjusting the sensitivity of punch and sound settings via the palm of the hand. This gives the experience of sound composition and movement of the hand.

Sesengekan have interesting shapes and toys which include disposable because if you use rice straw for the next day it will wither. Sesengekan is the entertainment of a child when his parents were carrying out the harvest. In making sesengekan a child must have a sensitivity to the type of rice straw are good, and in order to break even swipe must be sensitive to the possibility that the outbreak of the irregular amount of friction so that when blown will produce good sound. The source of the noise comes from the blast that goes through the blades of rice broken vertebra, out through the rod is restrained and produce sound. 

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