Kampung Toga

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Kampung Toga prepared for the Area Tourism berwasan menyuju environmental forest area of ​​town with a complete fasilias

Location Kampung Toga is 2 KM from the city center Sumedang in hilly areas with natural shades of beautiful, visible from the hilltop expanse pesawahan Toga, a typical plantation with panoramic parahyangan

Failitas available in Kampung Toga 20 Villa various types

Fasilitias adult and child swimming pool, restaurant, with lesehan facilities, meeting rooms, open space

Outbound facilities, aerospace sports, paragliding, and hang gliding. Thanks again to Nature, an artificial lake orchard, garden-tamanan family medicine.

In the air enjoying the sport of paragliding and hang gliding aviation both for education and recreation for the air, has been prepared Trainner licensed for the students who will megikuti education and Master Thundem for passengers who simply enjoy the beautiful panorama of KAMPUNG TOGA in the air.

On the ground in the form of family recreation to enjoy the natural atmosphere of the mountains, the streets with a rural atmosphere, mountain biking, for Outbound activities complete with all amenities and the game, various foods and beverages are available a la Parahyangan, presented at Saung Lesbian and nuanced outdoor restaurant , accompanied by Sundanese music actually seemed to enjoy nature, a sprawling panorama of rice fields, green mountains and buildings that have architectural characteristics of the stage, wood and stone, beautifully arranged between the hills.

In the water there Raffting activities (Rafting), Swimming Pool adults and children with the feel of the mountains and fishing in the artificial lake on the highest hill, or just above the family fishing boat.

Location: Graveyard Road Cut Nyak Dien
               Quail Mountain Village Sukajaya
               Subdistrict South Sumedang
               KAMPUNG TOGA about 2 miles from the center of government
               Sumedang District, with a height of 650 MPAs
Coordinates: S, E
Phone: 0261-206567
Internet: http://kampungtoga.com/
Hours Open:
More Information:
Sources: http://kampungtoga.com

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