Sirna Resmi Village

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Geographically, Sirnaresmi Village is located at 6 ° 48 '54 "East Longitude and 106 ° 33' 3" LS. Administratively, the village included in the District Cisolok Sirnaresmi, Sukabumi, West Java Province. Village administrative boundaries Sirnaresmi are:
North, bordering Lebak.
East, bordering the District of Palm Nunggal
South and west, bordering the village of Cicadas
Sirnaresmi village is one of seven villages in the Village Sirnaresmi. Sirnaresmi village boundaries are:
North, bordering the River Cibareno
South, bordering Kampong Cibongbong
East, adjacent to the Village Cikaret
West, bordering the village of Cicadas
Temperatures in the village area in the range of 21-28 ° C with rainfall between 2120-3250 mm / lahun and 84% humidity.
Sirnaresmi village at an altitude that varies between 300-600 meters above sea level (asl) to form the earth's surface is hilly and mountainous and has a slope ranging between 25-45%.
Distance from District Cisolok Sirnaresmi Village is 23 km, as disclosed in Table 2. While to get to the Village Sirnaresmi first reached by bus via the causeway Bogor-Pelabuhanratu by ± 4 hours travel time.
Sirnaresmi Village has 4 springs, namely springs Cipanengah, Cisodong, Cidongkap, and Cisolok. While the tributaries of the river Cidongkap, Cipanengah, Cisodong, and Cibareno.
Most of the village residents Sirnaresmi work as farm laborers in the fields or in fields. Among them there also have side jobs such as craftsmen, tappers, engraver bedog (machetes), and blacksmiths. Handicraft items made like anyarn-woven 'tangok' sieve, basket, bucket, dustpan (ladle garbage), broccoli (the fruit), bubu (for fishing), hihid (fan), kaneron (bags for carrying rice from bamboo), and bench (heucak container). • For tapping, sap made of palm sugar and sugar ants. While panday iron usually makes hoes, machetes, machetes, and baliung.

Sources: Student S1 Andya Ayu patrician IPB 

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