Pura Parahyangan Agung Jagatkarttya Taman Sari Gunung Salak

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Parahyangan Pura Agung Mount Salak Jagatkartta Taman Sari is the largest temple outside of Bali, after Pura Besakih-Bali. This temple has a status Kahyangan Jagat. Founded in 1995 at a cost of roughly $ 15 billion and its development over the next five years takes place in the village of Taman Sari, Siopus, Taman Sari district, Bogor Regency.

Physically and largest temple in the concept of the sacred earth, Parahyangan (The Hyangan), Bogor. Believed this is where the sacred place of King Siliwangi - king of the most famous and most revered. On the slopes of Mount Salak as a symbol of Maha Meru, where dwell the gods.
This temple built in honor of King Siliwangi and his troops who supposedly transformed into a tiger guarding the Sunda land.
That said, there used to supernatural things that happen in this region is associated with King Siliwangi, illustrious king of the last Hindu kingdom in West Java. Some believe in the temple is standing is where King Siliwangi disappeared along with his soldiers. Earlier in 1981, at the site known as the Batu Menyan (Incense Stone). Batu Menyan smoke every day. It is said that at the stones, people often see the white bright lights, from the sky falls down to the stone. Also the grass is shining brightly. Until before building the temple, Hindus has decided to build the first temple with a statue of a white tiger and black in honor of the Kingdom of Padjadjaran, the last Hindu kingdom in the land of Parahyangan.

The construction starting in 1995 by setting up a simple temple. This temple is built in full. Utamaning part Mandala built among other congregation Bale Agung, Padmasana, Bale Pepelik / Pengruman, expenditure Supreme Court Taksu, Patirtaan, and Temple. At the Main Mandala will be built among other Panggungan Bale, Bale Agung, Peselang Bale, Bale Pawedan / Elephant, Gegitaan Bale, Bale Raringgitan, and Kori Agung. Mandala is built in part clamp Associate Lawang, Pesimpangan Dalem peed, Bale & Bale Pengambuhan Gong, Pasandekan Sulinggih, Bale Bentar Kulkul and Temple.
Nista part Mandala built among others Wantilan, Paebatan Bale, Bale Paninjon, Temple Bentar, and Pasandekan. In Nistaning Nista built bathrooms and parking.

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