Tomb of King Dayeuh Luhur

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King Geusan Ulun is a fairly important figure in the past. He is the successor to Queen shoots umun which is the first king Sumedanglarang Muslim kingdom. At the time of King Geusan Ulun ruling by the central government in Kutamaya, Sumedang; in Tatar Sunda political change that is large enough, the end of the rule of the Kingdom of Sunda-Pajajaran Hinduistis due to pressure from the Sultanate of Banten. In the midst of such chaos, King Geusan Ulun proclaimed himself as the successor to the Kingdom of Sunda-Pajajaran the area almost covering Tatar Sunda without Bantam, Sunda Kelapa, and Cirebon. Support flowing from the authorities of the Kingdom of Sunda-Pajajaran, among others, from Jayaperkosa, Nangganan, famous hapa, and honey Hawu. Legitimacy is strengthened by the deposit of the royal crown Binokasih are now held in museums in Sumedang. Another significant event is the removal of the royal government center Kutamaya to Dayeuh Luhur. Displacement is one of them caused a conflict between the Kingdom of the Sultanate Sumedanglarang Cirebon. Ulun Geusan King died in 1601 and was buried in Dayeuh Luhur. His successor was Prince Suriadiwangsa which is his son and by his successor seat of government moved to Tegal Bats, in the City of Sumedang now.

As the name implies, dayeuh which in Sundanese means and noble city, which means high; Dayeuh Noble is located in an area that is quite high. Dayeuh Luhur village situated at the top of Mount Rengganis. To reach this village is relatively easy with two-and four-wheeled vehicles. Paved roads have come to the village. Dayeuh Luhur village reachable from the city towards Ganeas Sumedang, after arriving Ganeas proceed southward to Dayeuh Noble continues to climb past the road about 7 km. On the left the right path to the destination looks great panorama, on the left will see rice fields, mountains, city Sumedang and other areas. Similarly in the scenery which lies to the left of the road, will be seen rice fields, settlements, and the mountains. In the village which in the past had been a center of government Sumedanglarang Kingdom there is the tomb which is pretty much visited by pilgrims from various regions.
Tomb of King Geusan Ulun located in the north of the village on the west side of the village street. The tomb is located in the middle of the tomb complex which is generally divided into 3 parts. The tomb is surrounded by the village road to the east, roomy parking lot to the south, the forests in the north and west. Gates of the tomb is located in the south. The first part which is located near the gates of the tomb or the lowest part contains the tombs of the caretaker. The second part is located on the higher part of the first part and on the west side of the road towards the cemetery there is the tomb of King Geusan Ulun Geusan Ulun King's wife, the Queen Harisbaya. The third part which is the most backward and most northern and terrtinggi in the tomb complex contained the tomb of King Geusan Ulun. The tomb surrounded by walls and gates around the south. In addition to containing the tomb of King Geusan Ulun there are also some graves one of which is the tomb Rangga Gempolyang died and was buried in the Yogyakarta region and then moved to Dayeuh Luhur. Tomb of King Geusan oriented north-south marked the tomb three terraces of ceramic and stone on the head and legs. The tomb shaded by an open cupola of the building. In the western part of the tomb there is a room used as a place of worship and stay for pilgrims. This tomb has undergone several restoration.
In the southern part of the tomb complex there is ample parking area is equipped with a guard post and the stalls in the south. To the south and east of the parking area there is a settlement, while the mosque as a place of public worship which are predominantly Muslim in the south parking lot.
Location: Village Dayeuh Noble
Coordinates: 6 ° 53'25 .076''S 107 ° 58'28 .7861''E
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Directions: From Village Dayeuh Luhur to the south along the road that continues to climb about 7 km.
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