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Cireundeu village is a traditional village located in the valley of Mount Locks, Mountain and Mount Gajahlangu Cimenteng, but administratively Leuwigajah Village, South Cimahi District, City of Cimahi. Special case of this village at the mouth of the village street Cireundeu, Hanacaraka inscribed "In the village Cireundeu Sumping Wilujeng" in the sense of welcome to guests at the Kampung Cireundeu. Cireundeu village village itself is not positioned as objects Tourist Attractions (ODTW), but rather focus on the villages that still maintain the old tradition rooted customs handed down by the elders first. Village community Cireundeu slightest thought that the philosophy of life handed down by their ancestors required to be maintained. See by naked eye, there are two interesting things that are still maintained by the Indigenous Village Residents Cireundeu the staple food ingredients and traditions of one Sura.
According to the Section of Tourism and Culture (2010), indigenous village Cireundeu guided by the principle of life which they profess, namely: "Teu Nyawah Origin Boga Pare Pare Teu Boga Boga Beas Origin, Origin Can Teu Boga Nyangu Beas, Origin dahar Nyangu Teu, Teu dahar Originally Strong "which means that the field of origin have no rice, no rice to cook rice origin, had no home to eat rice, do not eat solid origin. Another man with a view to the creation of God ntuk no dependence on a single course, such as the staple food of Indonesia is rice, but the views of Indigenous Village community has Cireundeu alternative staple food in the cassava or cassava.
Shift of the staple food of the indigenous village of Cireundeu rice rice rice into cassava in starting about 1918, which is spearheaded by Mrs. Omah in Asnamah, son of Mr. Haji Ali who later followed by his brothers in the village Cireundeu. Mrs. Omah Asnamah begin to develop these non-rice staple foods, thanks to the Government through the pioneering work Wedana Cimahi give an award as the "Food Heroes", its right in 1964.
Most of its people embrace and uphold the trust which is called Sunda Wiwitan. Sunda Wiwitan doctrine was first brought by the Prince of Cigugur Madrais, Brass in 1918. One of the biggest ceremony by Indigenous Village community Cierundeu the first Sura. For Indigenous Village community Cireundeu a Sura like Eid celebration for Muslims. Before 2000, when the celebration they always use new clothes. However, after their custom instituted so that when the men wear black and pangsi of batik cloth headband. As for the women wear white kebaya. Mountains of fruit shaped like a coconut, rice cone constellations, such as the earth and sweet spices that complement mandatory in this ritual. Besides flute harp arts, culture ngamumule Sunda and wuwuhan or advice of Elders or the chairman of Peoples to get along in a ceremony Sura.
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