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Cikalahang region is developing a new area with the carrying capacity of nature. tourists in the first target is a tourist attraction in Lake Mussels are managed by KPH Perhutanioffice Brass and Brass are in the area.
Until now the lake Mussels can still attract tourists in the count in terms of income. But the road to these places is through the villages in that area Cikalahang Cirebon, thus being beneficial to the community about other business as the supporters. Besides, Cikalahang region has developed into an area that has its own appeal is from a restaurant / diner grilled fish. With so many enthusiasts to be the region's rapidly developing into a tourist attraction eat, so the holidays full of tourists.
Sell ​​natural conditions of interest to the water source from the foot of Mount Ciremai that never dry, it is possible to open up business opportunities that are natural swimming pool with modern facilities and camping grounds.
Cikalahang tourist area is located approximately 6 km from the Capital District Resources and Cirebon in 1 km of road Cirebon Majalengka alternative to the natural environment is still beautiful.


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