Grandparent Graveyard Jayaperkosa

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Jayaperkosa grandparent is the duke of King Geusan Ulun. He is quite an important figure in the transitional period Empire kekusaan to the Kingdom of Sunda-Pajajaran Sumedanglarang. It was he one of the four kandaga Lante which supports fully the power of King GeusanUlun. As commander of the war, he was once credited in the face of conflict and the Kingdom Sumedanglarang Cirebon Sultanate. In his history and his tomb contained ngahiang atop Mount Rengganis. His grave was visited by many pilgrims, even among many pilgrims who stay at his tomb.
Jayaperkosa grandparent tomb found in the southern village of Dayeuh Noble can be reached by walking through the village residents and through terraced ramp made of cement. Before reaching the top there is the gate and comes with Saung. Arriving at the top of the mountain there is the tomb Jayaperkosa grandparent. The tomb is surrounded by a wire fence with a gate located on the north side. The tomb of stone as high as about 180 cm tall wrapped in white cloth and the bottom of a rectangular building made of cement with white ceramic coated surface. On the outside of the tomb there is a building that functioned as a place of worship and stay for pilgrims. Environment around the tomb filled with a fairly dense bamboo trees that make this place more cool and calm. If someone is standing in this place will be able to see the panorama of the landscape and rural settlements elapsed underneath especially in the north and east of the mountain. If the dam Jatigede realized, from where it will be very clearly seen.
Jayaperkosa grandparent tomb is not a place of his burial, but as a place ngahyang his character. In addition, in the history of the place of establishment menhir is a place of light falling on the yellowish ethereal Tajimalela King is testing its miracle of science kasumedangan. Tajimalela King is the founder of the kingdom of Great Tembong based in Leuwi Hideung, Darmaraja, Sumedang. The kingdom is the forerunner of which was established in the Kingdom Sumedanglarang century AD 14-15 In this tomb also contained restrictions that must be complied with by the pilgrims, namely the ban on wearing batik clothing.
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