tomb Tjut Nya Dien

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His Tjut Dien is a national figure pejruangan Acehnese who opposed colonialism conducted by the Dutch in Indonesia. As a result of its role, after he was arrested at risk of exile and exile in Sumedang. He eventually settled in Sumedang and after death was buried in Sumedang anyway. During exile, he occupies a house on stilts walled booth located on Prince Street Aria Suriatmaja. He spent the end of his life for 3 years (1905-1908) in this house.
Tjut His tomb is located in the western part of Dien small hill in the southeastern city of Sumedang. The hill is a mountain quail that functioned as a cemetery for the descendants of King Geusan Ulun regents and their families. Location of the tomb is located on the side of a paved highway so it is easy to reach with a variety of vehicles. In the eastern part of the tomb there is a parking lot.
In the eastern part of the tomb complex contained roads and rice fields across the street. South tomb artifacts settlements and paddy fields. West is still a rice field. While on the north side terdadapat settlement. Astronomically located at coordinates 6 ° 51'48 "latitude and 107 º 54'60" longitude.
His tomb Tjut Deen can be reached after passing through the cemetery of the regents and the descendants of King Geusan Ulun families that are divided into several blocks. Tomb complex is surrounded by a fence with a gate located on the east side. After passing a few blocks Tjut arrived at the tomb of His Deen. The tomb is bounded by the fence and there are doors on its east side. His tomb Tjut Dien oriented north south marked the tomb and headstone and equipped with cupola building without walls.

Location: Mountain Quail, City Sumedang
Coordinates: 6 ° 51 '29 "S, 107 ° 54' 36" E
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