Nilam Lake

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Telaga Telaga Nilam still Remis and the region is about 500 meters from the lake mussels. Although the extent no greater than the general pool, the water is clear. Visitors can still see the algae and rocks are also some people who visit the lake to swim in the lake while the basic distance to the surface of the lake water reaches 3 feet. Being on the border point Cirebon, Majalengka, and Brass make these attractions easily accessible from anywhere. From the city of Cirebon, Telaga Remis is only about 24 km to the south, while the brass center is 35 miles to the north.
Location: Village Kaduela, District Pasawahan
Coordinates: 6 ° 47 '17 "S, 108 ° 25' 8" E
Directions: 37 km from the City of Brass to the District Cilimus
Facilities: Motor boats, water bikes, saung resting, praying, restrooms, cafeteria, gift shop, parking
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