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Located in Sentul Nirwana area , Sentul City - Bogor , Jungleland Adventure Theme Park has an area of ​​35ha with more than 41 rides and attractions that can be enjoyed every day .

Until now , Jungleland Adventure Theme Park is still the largest in Indonesia. Jungleland not only provides a variety of rides for all ages with their unique concept , but also provide thousands of culinary menus of cafes and restaurants with a sense of luxury for you and your beloved family .

Additionally Jungleland Adventure Theme Park is also equipped with a very spacious parking area , which can accommodate 1000 cars and 3000 motorcycles , as well as 300 tour buses . Deconvolution mountain background , Jungleland Adventure Theme Park invites you and your loved ones to enjoy the immediately filled Adventure World .

Jungleland , Adventure Theme Park :

    Have extensive land , 35ha
    Has 4 zones with a unique concept and different from each other
    Science Centre has the largest and most comprehensive in Indonesia
    strategic location
    Variation of a complete game for all ages
    Affordable ticket prices

Hours of Operations and Facilities in Jungleland

The period September - October 2013

    Weekday ( Monday-Friday ) at 10:00 to 18:00 | Rp 100 thousand / person
    Weekend ( Saturday - Sunday ) at 09:00 to 18:00 | Rp 150 thousand / person

Student Promo :

    Weekday ( Monday - Friday ) at 10:00 to 18:00 | Rp 85 thousand / person
    Weekend ( Saturday - Sunday ) at 09:00 to 18:00 | Rp 100 thousand / person

facilities :

    Cafes & Resto
    P3K and Space Breastfeeding
    Wheelchairs or Stroller
    Parking Area
    shuttle bus


Is not T - Rex , Brontosaurus and the Pterodactyl extinct millions ago ? But why the dinosaurs are still breathing and voice?

Find the answer in Pre Expedition Vehicle History ! First in Indonesia which can give exciting experience to millions of years ago . Serumu Begin by riding an open jeep along 265 meters on the track and get a real adventure with 23 dinosaurs in their natural habitat ! Most dinosaurs existing in Southeast Asia in the Adventure Theme Park !

Jungleland Adventure Theme Park , enter the world of exciting adventures and enjoy a fun-filled day !

As part of the preparations Science Centre , Jungleland Theme Park Adventure Science Exhibition organized with the main theme is " ROBOT ZOO " , which starts from April to June 2013 and in collaboration with the Science Centre Singapore , with support from LIPI ( Indonesian Institute of Sciences ) . In ROBOT ZOO first exhibition in Indonesia, the visitors can learn science and technology directly robots that move and also interactive !

There are many robots that will fill in ROBOT ZOO , call it Grasshopper Robot , Robot Giraffe , Bats Robot , Robot Rhino and many more . Not only that, visitors can also learn simple sciences , such as : electromagnetic , acceleration , how to make soaps and much more .

Source : http://www.jungleland.co.id

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