Karang Tawulan Beach

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Tawulan Coral Coast, located in the village Kalapagenep, District Cikalong Tasikmalaya with a distance of about 90 kilometers from the center of Tasikmalaya,

Tawulan Coral Beach is a beautiful beach with a carpet of various forms of coral islands among the exotica full mini beach waves big enough. Coral Coast tawulan charm as a tourist attraction pride Tasikmalaya District, save a lot of beauty, good beaches and the beauty and coolness of the natural surroundings.

When it arrived in Coral tawulan, the scenery is striking Pharmaceutics massive rocky. If you look out to sea, it would seem a small island called Nusa Manuk. There is populated by a bunch of seagulls.

Unfortunately, the existence of the coast has not been widely known by the general public. Though there tawulan the Coral Coast has a beauty that is not inferior to Pangandaran Beach. Perhaps because tawulan Coral Coast is located in an area less traveled by most people and lack of socialization of the local government to promote the Coral Coast tawulan so this beach forgotten.

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