Thermal Baths Cileungsing

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Travel Nature Baths Cipanas Cileungsing located not too far from Cipanas Sekarwangi. Its hot springs containing sulfur are quite high, so it is often used as a treatment medium. Come and enjoy the natural comfort of a hot shower here, and feel that besides refreshing properties can also increase stamina and health of your body.
Located in the village of Cilangkap district. Buahdua Kab. Sumedang. The hot spring is often called Cipanas Cileungsing Cileungsing Buahdua. Cipanas Cileungsing Tampomas are in the foothills north of the city Sumedang. In the area appears a lot of hot water more than 10 points, but that is located alongside the road and the water flow is high enough that Cipanas Cileungsing Buahdua and Cipanas Conggeang. Generally different from the hot water bath, the water discharge Cileungsing Cipanas +/- 50 liters per second and it was hot as hell. Hot hot heat of the original not-made and proven with the smell of sulfur is high enough so that a lot of visitors who come to treat skin diseases and rheumatism.
Location: Village Cilangkap, District Fruit Two
Coordinates: 6 ° 43 '32 "S, 107 ° 58' 31" E
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Directions: About 15 km from the center Sumedang
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