Gorobog Waterfall

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Sumedang still have a lot of tourism potential that is hidden. one of which is in the area of ​​South Sumedang, his right to visit the Village area Citengah. Along the way, the typical landscape of rural land with a friendly welcome pasundan.

This area has an unspoiled natural landscape, the topography of the hilly farmland combined with creating something beautiful, difficult to express with words. In this area there is a waterfall or a waterfall, which local people call it Gorobog waterfall has a height of about 40 m with three steps.

From downtown sumedang can be achieved using a variety of vehicles at a distance of approximately 15 km. From the parking lot continue the journey on foot. Yet stepped foot away, will be greeted by some tail monkeys that were hanging from the branches of trees. For information langur including endemic species typical of western Java. Currently its existence already rare, as their habitat was disturbed by a man who penetrated the forest.

Satisfied enjoy the monkeys playing around. This footpath on either side, is agricultural land belonging to the people, again and again, it is very pretty stunning scenery. And its final look was a stunning scenery, abundant water rolling rolls through rocks from a height of about 40 meters, this waterfall has a distinctive topography, the hills resemble berundak.

The forest in this region is still dense and nice. This is evident from the flow of water in a large waterfall and crystal clear. Other evidence shown by many monkeys inhabit this region. wasted no time I hurried approach, its crystal clear water invite the travelers who come to enjoy its freshness. Close was his steps there are three, unfortunately because of its difficult access to the top of the stairs, I can only enjoy its beauty from the bottom.

Well still at the same location there is also another waterfall her, her somewhat different form the first waterfall, this waterfall bertopografi ramps, but the flow of water and its clarity, not least with waterfall pertama.saya did not waste any time to enjoy its beauty. After her from the waterfall gorobog, I spend a little time enjoying the panoramic garden that his location not far from this place, in the distance a dense forest with tall trees. This is additional evidence that the preservation of forests in this area is still awake.

source: http://medianuranisumedang.blogspot.com

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