Nusawiru Airport

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Nusawiru Airport is located in Cijulang Region, Pangandaran, West Java. Nusawiru is the only closest airport near the famous tourism attraction in Ciamis, Pangandaran Beach. Nusawiru Airport is 6 kilometers away from Green Canyon, 12 kilometers from Batu Karas Beach and 309 kilometers from Pananjung. This airport was inaugurated in 1996 by The Government of West Java, Susi Air serving several routes from Nusawiru to Jakarta (Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport), Cilacap (Tunggul Wulung Airport) and Bandung (Husein Sastranegara Airport). This 50 hectares airport was closed during reformation era but reopen in 2004. Merpati Airlines is the first airlines who fly when Nusawiru Airport is reopen in 2004, serving Bandung – Nusawiru route with 30 minutes traveling time, but unfortunately MErpati Airlines didnt prolong their routes.

Nusawiru Airport is still in reconstruction process because it will be used as the official airport for Skydiving National Championship during Pekan Olahraga Nasional or PON (National Sport Festival). Currently, the planes parking lot in Nusawiru airport only 150 meters long and 60 meters wide. But regarding to the preparation of PON, this parking lot need to be widen  beacue there will be a lot of planes landing on this airport. Nusawiro was chosen as the place for National Skydiving Championship because of its less crowded air traffic and the flight schedule can be adjusted. Until 2015, only Susi Air using this airport to serve several routes in Indonesia. Beside serving the regular routes, Susi Air also serving cargo flights for lobster and other seafood. Nusawiru also becoming the airport for airplane maintenance and pilot training, all of those service is provided by Susi Air. Several school of Flight and Pilot Training also choose Nusawiro as their training spot because the topography of Nusawiru Airport is rather free from hills and mountains.

Beside serving several routes and used as one of the official airport during PON, Nusawiru Airport will be rebuilt following the Ministry of Transportations marterplan, Nusawiru will be built and rebrand itself as an airport for commercial flight and will be used as the training center for Pilot Training Center / School. The runway will be expanded so the flights with big capacity such as Boeing could land in this airport.


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